Searching for Scottish Ancestors – a personal journey

Edinburgh in November – a great time for visitors who are Searching for  Scottish Ancestors.  The city is a little quieter before we gear up for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Therefore making it an ideal time for visitors who are looking to do some research into their Family Tree.

Searching for ancestors at Warriston Cemetery

Researching your Scottish Ancestors

On Twitter recently, we were having a chat about spooky things to do in October. A thread of conversation popped up about The Red Lady of Warriston Cemetery.  This triggered a memory of an aunt of mine talking about going to visit her granny’s grave, and having to pass the grave of the Red Lady.  A quick search on Google, and I was able to see some images of the grave which had been a magnificent memorial in its day. However now sadly been vandalised beyond recognition.

Of course, it’s not the Red Lady who is my relative, but just that the Red Lady is a grave which my aunt passed by. Given that I thought that the relative in question was buried in a different cemetery, it’s another clue in my journey to discover more about one particular person who fascinates me in my own family.

Searching for Scottish Ancestors

I was delighted to find out that the Friends of Warriston Cemetery are running an event during Scotland’s History Festival – see the programme for details. The events ran on the 21st October to 4th November 2019.

I’m hoping go on one of the tours to gather some more clues about how to find out more about my own family tree.  If you’re hoping to travel to Edinburgh to do some research into your own family tree, then read our blogs for some useful tips and suggestions.

The full programme for the 2020 festival and dates will be announced shortly. See website Scotland’s History

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