Visiting the Garden at Craigwell Cottage

Our first morning at Craigwell Cottage looked a bit drizzly, so the
idea of walking over to The Manna House for croissants turned into a
quick trip in the car. But the croissants, petit pains au chocolat and
Mediterranean cheese swirls which we brought back were soon polished
off, and we were ready for a bit of light DIY. But it was not that
simple. Having dismantled the bed which had reached the end of its
useful life, we opened the new box to
find that the new one was in an even worse state. Time to hit the
phone. While Sandy took the old bed off to the dump (where he had to
put up with the predictable comments), we climbed up to the garden and
took some photos looking over the rooftops to Holyrood Park.

Anything to add?