Literary Edinburgh – Peter May – The Lewis Man Trilogy

I’ve been planning a series of posts this year about books which feature Edinburgh, with the idea that I always like to read books set in and around the places I visit on holiday, and I hope you’ll enjoy some suggestions.

 You’re in for a treat, as I’ve found a trilogy to recommend to you by Peter May:
The Blackhouse
The Lewis Man
The Chess Men
I first read about these books as they were mentioned in Fiona Drane’s blog about her favourite books of 2012.  Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Fiona, and we talked about the books. I mentioned that I was planning a series of blogs this year, tying in the idea of holiday reading in preparation for a visit with the notion of visiting places in Edinburgh which had been mentioned in books. She mentioned that there were significant parts of the second of the trilogy which were set in Edinburgh, and that piqued my interest and drove the books further up my reading queue.
In the week since we met and chatted over coffee in the delightful Main Street Books – a “must visit” book shop in St Boswells, I’ve been deeply in the thrall of the first two books of the trilogy.
Two places which are very familiar to me and which I walk by, over and under frequently, are the Dean Gallery (now renamed Gallery of Modern Art Two) and the Dean Bridge, both of which feature significantly in The Lewis Man.
I’d recommend that if you are interested in life in the Western Isles of Scotland, or are planning to visit Scotland, you add this series to your reading list.

You can find out more about Peter May’s books on his website:
Follow Peter May on Twitter: @authorpetermay
You can even get an app for your iPhone or iPad: The Lewis Man App
Follow the video channel : PeterMayLive
Now renamed Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two

The Dean, featured in Peter May’s The Lewis Man

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