Exhibition – new art from Edinburgh gravestones

It was with interest that I read this article on the local STV website this evening, about an Artist bringing life to Edinburgh’s Decaying Cemeteries, as it announced that there would be a photographic exhibition opening soon. Sleep: Historic Cemeteries of Scotland by Bob Reinhardt runs from July 30 to September 1 at Edinburgh Central Library.

Detail from Gravestone in Dean Cemetery

Detail from Gravestone in Dean Cemetery

Gravestones are not only a monument to lives gone, but in their state of decay a source of inspiration for artists, such as Frieda Oxenham whose explorations of graveyards have  influenced her quilting.  I found out about her work as she’s a contributor to blipfoto, the daily photo blog, and this has led me to spend much time looking at the inspirations she has used for her beautiful quilts.

Craigwell Cottage is situated near to Calton Cemetery (just off Waterloo Place), and next to New Calton Cemetery (entrance via Regent Road), both of which can be interesting places to visit and explore the history of Edinburgh’s people, and maybe to inspire you to find out more about your Scottish ancestry – or, like Bob Reinhardt, or Frieda Oxenham, to be inspired by the shapes and patterns of the old stones.

To walk from Craigwell Cottage to Edinburgh City Library for the Exhibition, access the Royal Mile at the Canongate via Campbell’s Close; turn right (uphill) and stay on the Royal Mile until you reach the junction with Lawnmarket/George IV Bridge.  Turn left along George IV Bridge, and the Central Library is on the right after you cross Victoria Street.



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