Edinburgh – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Edinburgh St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral

When you stay at Craigwell Cottage you are staying in a building which is sited in the World Heritage Site – the former Craigwell Brewery at Nether Craigwell.

While you are on holiday here, I wonder how you will tell your friends about your travels and adventures? Times are certainly changing in the way that we communicate with our friends as we travel. If, like me, you’re active on Facebook and Twitter, you’re probably posting photographs and little snippets of information about your travels – texting or sending emails from your smartphone or using the Sodasnap app to send little virtual postcards to friends and family.

But back in the 1700’s when visitors came to Edinburgh, if they wanted to tell others about their travels they would send letters about their adventures, which would have taken weeks to arrive and been carried by a variety of means involving stage coaches and horses.

One such traveller was a gentleman named Edward Topham who came to Edinburgh in 1774 and wrote letters to his friends in London telling tales of what he found here. The Edinburgh World Heritage site has recently put together a series of small video clips about the Edinburgh Adventures of Edward Topham which are most entertaining. They’ve been filmed on location around Edinburgh and are an interesting insight into the world of the traveller to Edinburgh in those times.

How will you record your visit to Edinburgh? Do you think people of the future will be writing about your letters, diaries, blogs, photographs or video clips in 200 years time?

Anything to add?