Beers Brewed at Craigwell Brewery

Beers Brewed at Craigwell Brewery

Got an e-mail this morning from Iain Russell the Scottish Brewing Archivist at Glasgow University. He’s going to look out some information about Craigwell Brewery, but he says:

We have some black and white photos of the brewery in the archive, and a short (1 and a wee bit pages!) history of the firm post 1923 which mentions that the brewery produced Heavy Bitter Ale, Scotch Stout, Triple Ale, Unique Scotch Ale and a strong ale called Gay Gordon. I believe we have some old bottles and labels in the archive. I’ll have a look for them when I’m back on SBA duties at the end of next week, and let you know what we have.

How fantastic! Can’t wait to see the labels and old photographs. Search for “Unique Scotch Ale” provides some information on “The Brewer’s Apprentice Website” which shows one Tom Logan is currently brewing:

Logan’s Scotch Ale

This unique Scotch Ale was created by Tom Logan, an Brewer’s employee and experienced home brewer. We used peated malt and Edinburgh Yeast to achieve this traditional flavor. This one is receiving rave reviews. Price: $190.00


in New Jersey, USA! Wonder if he’d be interested to know that there used to be a beer brewed called “Unique Scotch Ale”? What an interesting concept – a micro-brewery where enthusiasts gather to brew their own ale….

And here’s something about ‘Triple Ale‘ – how it’s made.

Scotch Stout – being brewed in Santa Maria, California even now! Wow, this whole brewing thing is quite a hobby in the USA.


There’s an album of labels for beers brewed at the Gordon & Blair Brewery on the Scottish Brewing Archive Facebook page.

Including this one – for the Coronation in 1953:

Beers brewed at Craigwell Brewery

Coronation Ale from Gordon & Blair

Updated: 2017

History of Craigwell Brewery – Gordon & Blair/ John Blair

Doing a search on the internet of  ‘Craigwell Brewery’ turns up an article in the Scottish Brewing archive, which can be accessed here:

John Blair is quoted as the builder of the Craigwell Brewery in 1822.

Update: 2013 – Recently historians have been running tours of the Canongate Breweries – see this article for more.