Edinburgh Farmers’ Market – every Saturday

Stock up on the best local produce at the regular Farmers’ Market in Edinburgh

With Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on every Saturday throughout the year, our weekend break guests are in for a treat when they stay at Craigwell Cottage. It’s a great place to sample the best of local food and drink, and meet some of the producers to find out more.

You can get to Edinburgh Farmers’ Market by walking up the Royal Mile until you reach the Hub (the HQ of Edinburgh Festival at the start of Castlehill).  Then take Johnston Terrace on your left and continue down until you see Castle Terrace on your right.  You will have walked beneath the south wall of Edinburgh Castle on your route.  You can return there for a visit after you have had breakfast or lunch at the Farmers’ Market.

Farmers' Market every Saturday in Edinburgh

Even if you don’t feel like rustling up a meal while in residence at Craigwell Cottage, you can graze on prime local food at the market itself – breakfast on delicious baked goods, lunch on take-away prime Scottish buffalo burgers or pork rolls, or open up some dressed crab and eat straight from the shell, as we saw some visitors do at this morning’s market.

Scotland has an abundant larder of top quality food, and you’ll find a wide variety on offer each week at the Farmers’ Market.  Check their Facebook page to find out who’ll be there each week.

We enjoyed making a quick lunch by following Andrew Fairlie’s recipe for Cullen Skink (buy smoked haddock and leeks at the market), with bread rolls – there will be lots of different types to choose from.  You can find out which bakers will be there on the website too.

Farmers' Market every Saturday in Edinburgh where you can buy leeks haddock bread

We hope that you enjoy sampling the best local food and drink at the market.  If you go along during your stay, do let us know what you’ve enjoyed and if you have any particular favourites.

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